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Photo by Roy Antazo


Born in Lithuania, Jurgita Wolf aka GITA was always fascinated by beauty when she was little, especially beautiful women and girls. She used to draw girls every day. She had never thought of becoming an artist, even though her talent for painting was recognized from early childhood. Then one day she found the courage to quit a well paying job  in Dubai and start from zero – as a makeup artist. GITA felt comfortable and happy from day one! Blending colors perfectly, understanding their nature, and having the courage to use vivid shades were areas she excelled in. Very quickly and easily her career took off, as instructors would refer her to different kinds of gigs. One of them was a Lithuanian drama/crime movie where she had the chance to do some very specific special effects – wounds. Then she understood that there was a whole field of arts she wanted to dive in to. GITA left Lithuania and enrolled in San Francisco School of Makeup to learn special effects. It opened the door to fantastic worlds of ice queens, aliens, and zombies. Today she continues to work with production houses to create commercials and movies for world knows brands such as Honda, the 5 star hotel VOCO in Dubai, and Taleem- the biggest education provider in the Middle East, Thrasio in US and number of magazines.

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